“Did you get a new truck?”

Remember when you bought your truck? It didn’t matter if it had 11 miles or 100,000. The first time you slammed the door, cranked the ignition, and throttled down the road there was a special feeling.

Like meeting a new best friend for the first time.

If you drove your truck     like a truck    it wasn’t long before your new friend started to look more like an old friend.

You could replace it with a newer model, but that’s not very loyal. It’s always been there for you. Through thick and thin.

And mud.

And snow.

So how about giving your friend a facelift?

Revive that new truck feeling ….. for the price of ONE TRUCK PAYMENT

and when people start to ask,

“Did you get a new truck?”,

You can say…

I got Quick Covers.”

Quick Covers are precision-molded plastic panels that fit right over your vehicle’s existing body panels.

Return your truck to its original appearance, and save thousands of dollars.

-P.S. plastic can NEVER rust!



We received great feedback from the judges as a Top 10 Finalist in the 2018 SEMA Launchpad competition!

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