For nearly 40 years Sam Shaffer, owner of Shaffer’s Auto Body, kept getting the same request from customers,

“Can you fix my rust?”

He would write a repair ticket, but often the price was too expensive and customers would request a cheaper option. Unfortunately, no such options existed, but Sam promised he would find them a solution.

That solution proved impossible to find, and he soon realized that he would have to invent one himself. The basic principles were pretty simple. It needed to be beautiful, durable, and affordable.

With his keen eye for detail, Sam developed a plastic cover that could be easily installed over the top of the rusty panel while maintaining the original appearance. This alone saved thousands of dollars in labor costs. In order to ensure longevity, he treated the rusted area underneath with a corrosion inhibitor to slow down the spread of the rust.

Customers loved it. The final result provided a long-lasting, like-new appearance for a price that was affordable.

As demand outgrew his shop, Sam handed the business over to his son, Luke Shaffer. A few months later Zach Kowalik, an employee at Shaffer’s Auto Body who had helped with early development, bought into the company.

Moving forward, we’ve made a commitment to keep manufacturing right here in the USA. Our goal of providing good old-fashioned customer service has resulted in the development of QC Professionals, a program (still in beta) that makes Quick Covers a turnkey profit center for body shops. We continue to develop new product lines and grow our business with the same principles that Sam founded the company upon;

Beautiful. Durable. Affordable.


Disclaimer: Quick Covers products are not a structural repair. They will not restore or improve any structural integrity lost due to corrosion. The corrosion inhibitors recommended by Quick Covers do not stop the progression of rust, but may slow it down. By purchasing Quick Covers products I agree that I will be provided with a product intended solely for aesthetic improvement. I also agree to disclose the installation of Quick Covers products to any future buyer of my vehicle.

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