Frequently Asked Questions:

How are Quick Covers installed?
Quick Covers are installed with a combination of automotive-grade adhesive tape and fasteners.

What are Quick Covers made out of?
Quick Covers are formed from a very durable thermoplastic. Similar to the material used on OEM wheel flares and moldings.

Can I install them myself?
Yes. Quick Covers can be installed easily, but professional installation is strongly recommended.

Where can I get Quick Covers installed?
Search Here for an installer near you.

Can’t find an installer near you?
Ask your local body shops to reach out to us.

Do Quick Covers come painted?
No. Quick Covers are delivered in raw plastic form at this time.

Is professional painting required?
No. However, because Quick Covers are delivered in raw plastic form, they must be primed with a very specific product. Use of any other primer will result in adhesion issues resulting in paint cracks/peeling. For this reason, professional painting is strongly recommended.

Should Quick Covers be scuffed or sanded before being primed?
No. Quick Covers are intended to be coated with a specialty raw plastic primer, which is intended to be applied directly onto the smooth plastic surface. It offers excellent adhesion and flex properties.

What primer should be used on Quick Covers products?
Quick Covers are delivered in raw plastic form, so a raw plastic-compatible primer must be used. We recommend Polyvance Bumper & Cladding Coat – Adhesion Primer. Part No. 3611-1

What should be used as a rust inhibitor?
We recommend brushing a high-viscosity grease on any areas that can be reached by hand. For hard-to-reach areas (i.e. inside of rocker panels and cab corners) we recommend using the aerosol rust inhibitor Like90.

Can’t find a Quick Cover for your vehicle?
Request it Here

Return/Refund Policy
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Is there a body shop/dealership discount?
Yes. Click Here for more information.

Don’t see the answer to your question?
Ask it Here! We are happy to answer any and all questions.

Disclaimer: Quick Covers products are not a structural repair. They will not restore or improve any structural integrity lost due to corrosion. The corrosion inhibitors recommended by Quick Covers do not stop the progression of rust, but may slow the progression of rust. By purchasing Quick Covers products I agree that I will be provided with a product intended solely for aesthetic improvement. I also agree to disclose the installation of Quick Covers products to any future buyer of my vehicle.

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