1999-2006 Silverado/Sierra Extended Cab, Cab + Rocker Cover Kit 3-Door


SKU: QRG4-BR-11-303


*Both left and right sides included

This cover is designed for the 1999- 2006 Silverado/Seirra Extended Cab THREE (3) door model where the driver’s side rear cab section does NOT open. If you only have 1 rear door on the passenger side this is the correct kit for your truck.

This will NOT fit the extended cab four (4) door model. If you have 2 rear doors that open on your extended cab you need part #QRG3-BR-11-303

Made of high-impact ABS plastic. Quick Covers are tough, paintable, and super low profile. The seam is nearly invisible because it is tucked right into the factory body line. No welding required.

1-Piece Cab + Rocker Design.

Fits all 1999 through 2006 (+2007 Classic) Silverado’s & Sierra’s with the EXTENDED cab configuration.

Kit includes:

Left and Right Cab+Rocker Covers

3M Adhesive Tape


Prep pads

New Release Promotion: Free Primer Kit included with first 20 orders!

NOT INCLUDED: Quick Bracket Kit. Trucks with excessive rust on the inner rocker will require a special bracket kit, available separately.

Additional information

Weight 320 oz
Dimensions 78 × 7 × 18 in

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